Sharing tasty food at Eros Kafe

The Dimitropoulos family established Estias in 1984 before opening Eros Kafe and Eros Ouzeri in 1995. With both owned and run by the family, they decided to sell Ouzeri to concentrate on the Kafe in 2007.

Years ago I remember going to Estias Greek restaurant located in the square at Henley Beach, South Australia for the first time. It was a special surprise date night treated to me that had to be booked well in advance. I was very impressed as booking a table at Estias needed to be planned months in advance as its reputation was very high. Last time I went was just over a year and a half ago.

I have been to Eros Kafe in Rundle Street, Adelaide a number of times. The food is alway delicious. It is one of the favourites of ours to share food plates from the Meze menu that are always tasty. We went again last week and were not disappointed, it’s hard to believe that we haven’t had to book.

A favourite that we seem to always order is the meatballs (Keftethes me Salsa) as it’s always so tasty, and seems obviously a family recipe. This time we have it with oven baked feta (Fetta Kaftiri) and quail that is served on an orange and beetroot salad (Ortikia). Other favourites are the Lima beans served with tomatoes and feta (Yigandes Plaki) and the Haloumi stack.

It is no surprise to Mark and I that the matriarch is still making the meatballs we enjoy so much, they are obviously made with lots of love.

The only thing about the Kafe is the television. Even though they screen old Greek movies we wonder why they feel the need for a television to distract diners from their food and conversation. It won’t stop us from going again however.

With the choice of plate sizes and menus, you can order to suit your budget and still come away satisfied. So do yourself a favour when you head down Rundle Street next and are in need for a good feed.


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