Peel Street Restaurant

Peel Street is a dark and dingy lane way in-between Hindley Street and Currie Street in Adelaide, South Australia. Previously a street offering very little, it has now been turned into a hotspot for people looking for quirky exciting places to eat and drink. Peel Street Restaurant has definitely made its mark towards making this little lane way the place to go with favourable reviews about the atmosphere and food delivered by Chefs Jordan Theodoras and Martin Corcoran, along with wine bar Clever Little Tailor next door.

Mark and I had talked about going to the restaurant for some time. In January we went past hoping to eat there but unfortunately it was closed for the festive season break. With both of us busy and needing to be frugal, we promised each other that when one of our financial situations improved we would treat ourselves to dinner there. A reward for ourselves that I think we both have well and truly earned.

So … last Saturday night Mark and I treated ourselves to dinner at Peel Street Restaurant. Luckily I decided to book a few weeks prior as we got the last spot, seated at the bar (being told that it’s quite a good spot to eat). We could have been seated at a table in the second sitting but with Mark usually needing to start work for 7am on a Sunday, being seated for a leisurely dinner at 9pm isn’t that appealing. And they were right about the position at the bar as we could watch the chefs in action and chat with the wonderful staff. What a treat!

Peel Street Restaurant

Chef Jordan Theodoras in action

We arrived at 7pm. Throughout the evening people constantly enter hoping for a table, after the restaurant empties at about 8.30 at 8.45 the second sitting of people queue in and are seated filling the restaurant again by 8.50pm. Being seated at the bar we found has another bonus, we could stay for as long as we like.

Deciding what to eat off the menu was the hard part. On arrival we were briefed on the philosophy behind Peel Street and told about the menu and how it changes regularly, using only fresh, in season produce – a big drawcard for us. The kitchen is small with no large store or cold room. There are small plates and large plates with a number of specials for the night on the blackboard. The only way for us to do this was to share plates.

We decide on seared tuna with a pomegranate salsa, Jerusalem artichokes with a pear, witlof, radicchio, crunchy walnuts and sweet potato chips and a Thai beef salad (not quite how it was written on the menu so my apologies to the Chefs as I don’t think I’ve given their menu justice). We finish with the meringue served with rich dark chocolate sorbet, coffee cream, pistachios and poached pear.

Seared tuna with fresh salsa

My share of the seared tuna with salsa

Jerusalem artichokes with pear, witlof, radicchio, walnuts and sweet potato chips

Jerusalem artichokes with pear, witlof, radicchio, walnuts and sweet potato chips

Thai beef salad Peel Street style

Thai beef salad Peel Street style

meringue with a rich dark chocolate sorbet, coffee cream, pistachio and poached pear

This was the meringue with a rich dark chocolate sorbet, coffee cream, pistachio and poached pear 🙂

All the food was fantastic however my absolute favourite for the night was the seared tuna and salsa salad, so fresh with divine textures and tastes. Mark’s favourite was the beef. We left completely satisfied. It wasn’t just the food that makes this place a superb place to dine though. There is something about it that makes you feel at home, the friendly staff, the decor, and the complete ambience here.

If you’re looking for somewhere for a good meal, treat yourself to Peel Street Restaurant. But remember you need to book in advance; it’s worth the wait.


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